BOF Converter Coolant Maintenance Platform (Steel Mill)

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    Asturias, Spain

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    Steel mill

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    BOF Converter

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    Technical information

    Project Ref.: 211030 

    Height: 60 meters 

    Vertical translation: electric 

    Horizontal translation: electric 

    Instalación: permanent

    Elevator capacity: 2.000 Kg  

    Regulations: 2006/42/CE, IN 1808  

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The client needs a team to carry out maintenance tasks inside the cooling ducts in the converter (BOF) at Arcelor Mittal’s steel plant in Avilés (Asturias).

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Design, manufacture, assembly, customer training, and annual maintenance of a particular platform allow the introduction of people inside the two boiler converters safely to perform work on the entire duct.

The duct is circular and has a height of about 60 meters, which is vertical and position inclined about 60 º.

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Permanent suspension platform consisting of a suspension trolley with motorized horizontal translational movement on a rail beam. This large trolley, weighing about 5 tons, contains the lifts, fall arresters, cable, and electric hose reels, and the control and operation system of a basket that is inserted into the duct.

The basket is equipped with a cabinet to control all movements from the basket itself. A second control system allows operation from the upper carriage.

The maintenance of the BOF duct is carried out in a safe and efficient manner using a suitable platform designed to have a useful life of many years.

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