Chimney demolition platform (exterior)

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    Galicia, Spain

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    Power generation plants

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    Power generation plants

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    Technical information

    Project Ref.: 211048 

    Height of the chimney: 180 meters 

    Chimney external diameter: 7 meters  

    Regulations: 2006/42/CE, IN 1808

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The client needs to demolish a high-rise concrete chimney in a thermal power plant in Galicia.

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Design, manufacturing, customer training, and equipment assembly allow people access to the entire outer perimeter of the chimney to cut the vent in pieces, and a crane can lower them.

The most significant difficulty is that once each chimney section has been cut, there is no longer any structure at the upper level to be anchored. The rest of the chimney (interior refractory, for example) has already been dismantled in previous operations.

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A modular, angular, manual hanging platform that surrounds the entire chimney from the outside.

The angle modules allow the angle to be adjusted (the chimney is conical in shape).

Together with the choice of the number of sections to be joined, the complete platform is adapted to the circumference formed by the chimney at each level. To solve the absence of a supporting wall once each section has been dismantled, a system of removable davits is used, which are successively fixed and removed. From these davits hang the manual traction devices that allow the vertical movement of the platforms.

El sistema de plataformas colgantes manuales suministrado permite realizar la demolición de la chimenea sin necesidad de grandes medios auxiliares. 

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