ANR6B retractable fall arrester

ANR6B retractable fall arrester


Webbing fall arrester

Light webbing fall arrester with a maximum length of 6 m.

Internal braking system, fall indicator, double pivoting anchorage at the bottom and top and a 22 mm opening automatic aluminum connector at the bottom.

Suitable for a maximum user weight of 100 Kg and its housing is made of plastic.

Vertical use only.

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Summary table of basic characteristics of ANR6B retractable fall arrester:

Brand   Accesus
Connectors  22 mm opening automatic aluminum connector
Use  Vertical
Maximum length   6 m
Retractable material  Polyester (DSM)
Regulations   EN 360
Certificates  CE
Product number   Unique and individual 
Packaging   Carton box